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                      Culture Introduction
                      BOYIDA is a set of trade, industry in an integrated multinational groups. Business headquarters are located in Chinas Foshan ceramics, based on the African market and create overseas sales company ...
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                      Foshan City, Bo PHYLLIS CO., LTD
                      Address: Foshan Huayuan Road Development Building, No. 13 9 layer
                      Phone: + 0086-757-83126280 
                      BRAND INTRODUCTION
                      PRODUCTS & SERVICES
                      01. Brand Product Bardon Groups supply chain platform, primarily targeted at providing support for all types of business, service ... VIEW MORE
                      02. Factory Building In the last few years, BORDAR GROUP has closely followed the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. On the vast African continent, we have successively invested ... VIEW MORE
                      Follow Us Foshan City, Bo PHYLLIS CO., LTD
                      Address: Foshan Huayuan Road Development Building, No. 13 9 layer
                      Phone: + 0086-757-83126280
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